Is BPD the New Hysteria?

Disclaimer: Still not a professional, just another old man yelling at clouds. I’ve seen this question raised in articles and discussed on Reddit, but is BPD just our new way of putting women down for ‘misbehaving’? It is said that 70% of Borderline Personality Disorder diagnosis are given to women though there is little information … Continue reading Is BPD the New Hysteria?

Other People Should…

Other people should be willing to do more to do more for my needs.

This is a statement which came up during my weekly DBT homework. Our task involved examining a collection of myths relating to interpersonal effectiveness, identifying which ones we subscribe to and developing counter arguments to them to break down these roadblocks. Continue reading Other People Should…

2 Weeks In

I am two weeks into my DBT group sessions and I am already noticing an impact it’s having on my life. I take a second to ask myself “is this wise mind?” before I react… well, most of the time anyway. It doesn’t mean I always listen to the answer, but I’m reigning myself in from my worst impulses. Continue reading 2 Weeks In

So, What Do You Know About DBT?

This is the question my new therapist posed to me during our first meeting. Through my own studies I felt like I had a basic knowledge of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy but I’ve barely scratched the surface. I mean, obviously; the course I’ve signed up to requires 3.5 hours face-to-face each week for six months, then there’s homework and phone counselling. The several hours I’ve spent with a textbook from Book Depository doesn’t really cut it. Continue reading So, What Do You Know About DBT?

Not Going Anywhere

I gave into pressure. Maybe it’s something I do too much, maybe it’s something I should do more, I don’t know. What I do know is that writing was helping. It helped me tremendously but I know it helped other people. Friends who I hadn’t spoken to in years contacted me to tell me that … Continue reading Not Going Anywhere

Apologies & Blame

I’ve briefly mentioned weaponized apologies in the past and I’ve been mulling over this ever since. I think my perception of apologies and how some people react to them has really impacted my ability to take ownership for my actions. I remember vividly being in my early teens and crying while saying sorry. While I … Continue reading Apologies & Blame


I’m trying to keep that positivity rolling and it’s actually working fairly well. I can’t say if it’s just because a majority of the stresses in my life have dissipated or if I’m just getting better at handling everything; it’s most likely a combination of both. I wanted to take some time to reflect on … Continue reading Success