Other People Should…

Other people should be willing to do more to do more for my needs.

This is a statement which came up during my weekly DBT homework. Our task involved examining a collection of myths relating to interpersonal effectiveness, identifying which ones we subscribe to and developing counter arguments to them to break down these roadblocks. Continue reading Other People Should…

2 Weeks In

I am two weeks into my DBT group sessions and I am already noticing an impact it’s having on my life. I take a second to ask myself “is this wise mind?” before I react… well, most of the time anyway. It doesn’t mean I always listen to the answer, but I’m reigning myself in from my worst impulses. Continue reading 2 Weeks In

So, What Do You Know About DBT?

This is the question my new therapist posed to me during our first meeting. Through my own studies I felt like I had a basic knowledge of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy but I’ve barely scratched the surface. I mean, obviously; the course I’ve signed up to requires 3.5 hours face-to-face each week for six months, then there’s homework and phone counselling. The several hours I’ve spent with a textbook from Book Depository doesn’t really cut it. Continue reading So, What Do You Know About DBT?

Not Going Anywhere

I gave into pressure. Maybe it’s something I do too much, maybe it’s something I should do more, I don’t know. What I do know is that writing was helping. It helped me tremendously but I know it helped other people. Friends who I hadn’t spoken to in years contacted me to tell me that … Continue reading Not Going Anywhere

Apologies & Blame

I’ve briefly mentioned weaponized apologies in the past and I’ve been mulling over this ever since. I think my perception of apologies and how some people react to them has really impacted my ability to take ownership for my actions. I remember vividly being in my early teens and crying while saying sorry. While I … Continue reading Apologies & Blame