As I have progressed on my mental health journey I am become increasingly aware of the importance of communication. This is far from an area I’ve mastered, and it is something I am continuously working on. As with many of my blog posts, I am writing about it to better this in order to share … Continue reading Communication

When They Mean It

My blog has been full of a lot of negativity, it’s hard to talk about Borderline Personality Disorder without getting into some pretty hairy topics. And on top of that it’s been a really rough year. Through all of that, however, there’s been someone who has consistently had my back and helped me get through … Continue reading When They Mean It

The Sponge

Sometimes I think having Borderline Personality Disorder is like being a sponge. This rings true in so many ways. Innocuous, I can’t tell you what type of music I like, I’ll love what you love, not because I’m a sheep but I honestly can’t make up my own mind. I could show you my Spotify … Continue reading The Sponge


This is going to be a pretty short post, but this topic is on my mind a lot at the moment and I wanted to get the message out to other pwBPD (people with BPD) who may be struggling with intense feelings of loneliness. When my mental health started to take a nosedive I felt … Continue reading Community