Apologies & Blame

I’ve briefly mentioned weaponized apologies in the past and I’ve been mulling over this ever since. I think my perception of apologies and how some people react to them has really impacted my ability to take ownership for my actions. I remember vividly being in my early teens and crying while saying sorry. While I … Continue reading Apologies & Blame


I’m trying to keep that positivity rolling and it’s actually working fairly well. I can’t say if it’s just because a majority of the stresses in my life have dissipated or if I’m just getting better at handling everything; it’s most likely a combination of both. I wanted to take some time to reflect on … Continue reading Success

Positive Relationships

Yesterday as part of our well-being program teachers at my school led discussions and activities about positive and negative relationships. It gets pretty hard not to over identify with some of the discussion topics which arise, because let’s face it, as Borderlines we have a bit of a habit of forming negative relationships. Not only … Continue reading Positive Relationships