Free Education

One unforeseen benefit of being a teacher is the free education which we are exposed to. Finally, FINALLY mental health is becoming a strong focus of professional development opportunities for us. I know that my own journey has definitely strengthened my own knowledge here. These crash course lectures we attend are packed with useful information, … Continue reading Free Education


While it may be a simplification, one fact remains fairly evident. My relationships that have deteriorated have all been with people who have told me how I ought to feel, those who would not listen. Those that have strengthened have all been with people who have tried to understand how I feel. Continue reading Validation


Note: I’m feeling kinda down and numb today, so this is fairly whiny (…because ya’ll aren’t used to that from me :p). Don’t read if you aren’t prepared for a bummer. I’m not sure I have any trust left, with the obvious exception of my fiance. Even that isn’t consistent, when I’m doing bad my … Continue reading Trust

How To Support Someone With BPD

So what can you do if you have someone in your life with BPD? Granted, we can absolutely say things that are frustrating, maybe things that don’t make any sense to you. But if you’ve decided that you value having this person in your life there are some things you can do to make things easier for both yourself and your BPD loved one. Again, I am not a psychologist nor do I have any relevant training, this is meant as an informal guide and a reflection on my own experiences. Continue reading How To Support Someone With BPD